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Instructor led Sessions
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Ab Initio Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on Ab Initio. Ab initio is a Latin term that means “from the beginning” or “from inception.” Ab initio is used to indicate that some fact existed from the start of a relevant time period. It is often used as part of the phrase “void ab initio,” meaning something – such as a marriage – was void from the beginning.

Course Syllabus

• Introduction To Abinitio
• Abinitio Architecture
• Graph Programming
• Introduction To .Dat And .Dml Files

• Braod Cast
• Partition By Expression
• Partition By Range
• Partition By Community
• Partition By Percentage
• Partition By Round Robin

• Concatenate
• Gather
• Interleave
• Merge
• Multifile System(MFS)
• Types Of Parallelism
• Layouts

• Sort
• Sort With In Groups
• Sample
• Partition By Key And Sort

• Functions
• Filter By Expression
• Aggregate
• Scan
• Rollup
• Denormalize Sorted
• Normalize
• Reformat
• Match Sorted
• Dedup Sorted
• Working With Databases

• Run SQL
• Input Table
• Output Table
• Truncate Table
• Update Table
• Phase And Check Points

• Gather Logs
• Run Program
• Redefine Format
• Trash
• Replicate

• Input File
• Output File
• Lookup File
• Intermediate File

Develop a huge number of business applications after learning the Ab Initio tool from Oranium Tech! The Ab Initio course syllabus is monitored by experts and is revised periodically.

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