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Instructor led Sessions
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Blockchain Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on Blockchain. Blockchain defined: Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding).

Course Syllabus

• Challenges Faced by Modern
• Businesses
• What is Blockchain?
• Building Blocks of Blockchain
• Types of Blockchain
• Knowledge Check

• Introduction to Blockchain Pillars
• Cryptography
• Consensus
• Distributed Ledger
• Assisted Practice: Send a Message Using Symmetric Cryptography
• Assisted Practice: Sign a Message Using Asymmetric Cryptography
• Assisted Practice: Generate Hash Using Hash function
• Assisted Practice: Generate a Nonce Value
• Assisted Practice: Working on Distributed Ledger
• Assisted Practice: Working on Blockchain Transaction
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 1: Create Blockchain Network

• Introduction to Bitcoin
• Bitcoin Wallets
• Bitcoin Block
• Bitcoin Transaction
• Bitcoin Scripts
• Bitcoin Attacks
• Bitcoin Network
• Bitcoin Mining
• Assisted practice: Install a Software Wallet (combine software and web wallet)
• Assisted practice: Generate a Paper Wallet
• Assisted practice: Generate a Web Wallet
• Assisted Practice: Review and Analyze a Bitcoin Block on Explorer
• Assisted Practice: Analyze a Bitcoin Transaction
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 2: Conduct a Transaction
• Using Electrum Wallet

• Introduction to Ethereum
• Swarm and whisper
• Remix IDE
• Truffle Framework
• Ethereum Networks
• Ethereum Wallets
• Ethereum Clients
• Web3.js
• Assisted Practice: Exploring the Ethereum Mainnet
• Assisted Practice: Explore an Ethereum Test Network
• Assisted Practice: Install the Ganache Blockchain
• Assisted Practice: Explore the Ganache Blockchain
• Assisted Practice: Install Metamask and Set up the Wallet
• Assisted Practice: Connect Metamask to a Ganache Test Network
• Assisted Practice: Install Geth Client
• Assisted Practice: Set up a Private Blockchain node Network using geth
• LEP 3: Ether Transaction Using Metamask

• Enterprise Blockchain
• Hyperledger
• Hyperledger Sawtooth
• Hyperledger Iroha
• Hyperledger Indy
• Hyperledger Burrows
• Hyperledger Fabric
• Hyperledger Fabric Transaction
• Fabric Network
• Fabric Network Types
• Fabric Explorer
• Node Js
• R3 Corda
• Corda Network
• Assisted Practise: Setup Hyperledger Fabric Prerequisite
• Assisted Practise: Setup Hyperledger Fabric
• Assisted Practise: Start and stop test network
• Assisted Practice: Explorer
• Assisted Practice: Create Node Js Application
• Assisted Practice: Create a Web Application using the Expressjs file approach
• Assisted Practice: Create Web Application using Expressjs Node Project Approach
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 4: Transform the Supply Chain

• Smart Contract Lifecycle
• Solidity
• Solidity Variables
• Solidity Compilation and
• Deployment
• Solidity Functions
• Truffle
• Security Consideration
• Web3
• Assisted Practice: Generate the ABI and Bytecode of a Smart Contract
• Assisted Practice: Deploy a Smart Contract to Ganache Network
• Assisted Practice: Develop a Smart contract that stores ethers and transfers to a personal account
• Assisted Practice: Price Event Smart Contract
• Assisted Practice: Develop a Property Transfer Smart Contract using Remix IDE
• Assisted Practice: Create a Custom Token and Deploy it on Ropsten Network
• Assisted Practice: Truffle Setup and create a project
• Assisted Practice: Truffle Create MarketPlace contract
• Assisted Practice: Compile MarketPlace contract
• Assisted Practice: Deploy MarketPlace contract
• Assisted Practice: Access Smart Contracts Functions from the Frontend
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 1: Creating a Custom Bank Contract

• Chaincode
• Gradle
• Chaincode Java API
• Chaincode Development
• Chaincode Package, Install, Approve
• Assisted Practice: Set up Development Prerequisites
• Assisted Practice: Create
• New Gradle Project for Car Showroom
• Assisted Practice: Create Chaincode for Car Showroom
• Assisted Practice: Package the Chaincode
• Assisted Practice: Install the Chancode
• Assisted Practice: Approve the Chancode
• Assisted Practice: Commit the Chancode
• Assisted Practice: Access Chaincode Functions
• Assisted Practice: Chaincode Lifecycle steps from a shell file
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 2: Develop Chaincode for Property Ownership Application

• Fabric SDK Introduction
• Node SDK
• Assisted practice: Enroll Admin User
• Assisted Practice: Register and Enroll Client User
• Assisted Practice: Access Chaincode Functions
• Assisted Practice: Create Node Project and add dependencies
• Assisted Practice: Enroll admin user to the network
• Assisted Practice: Enroll register and enroll client users to the network
• Assisted Practice: Access Chaincode Functions using Rest API
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 3: Access Property Ownership Chaincode using Java SDK

• Introduction to Multichain
• Multichain Installation
• Create a Multichain Instance
• Multichain Assets
• Multichain Streams
• Multichain Consensus
• Multichain API
• Assisted Practice: Set up Multichain in the Local Machine
• Assisted Practice: Create Multichain Instance with Two Nodes
• Assisted Practice: Create a Multichain Asset and Transfer It
• Assisted Practice: Create a Multichain Stream to Publish Data
• Assisted Practice: Perform Mining in Multichain
• Assisted Practice: Access Functions Using Multichain API
• Knowledge Check
• LEP 4: Create a Private Multichain Blockchain

• Introduction to IOTA
• Traditional Blockchain Challenges
• Healthcare Use Cases
• Government Use Cases
• Finance Use Cases
• Supply Chain Use Cases
• Knowledge Check

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