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Instructor led Sessions
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API Testing Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on API Testing. Discover better career opportunities on API Testing Systems to create modern smart technologies for day-to-day life. Oranium Tech provides deep insights with the comprehensive API Testing Systems course syllabus as per industry standards and we focus more on hands-on practicals. We provide course completion certification placement guidance to the right candidates in our API Testing Training Institute in Chennai.

Course Syllabus

  •  What is WebServices?
  •  Why WebServices so Popular?
  •  Overview of SOAP WebServices and REST WebServices
  •  What is REST API?
  •  How is different from SOAP WebServices?
  •  Base URL and REST Resources
  •  Understanding of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  •  Understanding REST API Testing Part
  •  Manual Testing on REST API using POSTMAN
  •  How to Trigger New Request and Validate Response using REST API
  •  Limitation of Manual Testing
  •  Overview Automation on REST Applications
  •  Benefit of Automation Testing for Applications
  •  Setting up Project Tools for Automation Testing
  •  Understanding How to setup for Automation Testing
  •  Mock Sample Testing
  •  How to validate Responses
  •  Automating POST request with Payload
  •  Applying Advanced validation on Responses
  •  Passing Previous values into subsequent Request
  •  Business case for Error Responses
  •  TestNG
  •  What is TestNG?
  •  Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  •  TestNG Setup
  •  Different types of Annotations, Assert
  •  Data Driven Test using Data Provider
  •  Converting Project to TestNG framework
  •  Generating reports and creating BAT file
  •  Importance of Maven in Framework
  •  Installing and configuring Maven
  •  Understanding of Maven
  •  Creating Maven Project and importing into eclipse
  •  Understanding POM.xml file and its dependencies
  •  Importance of surefirePlugin in executing Tests
  •  Integration of Testng with Maven
  •  Importance of Jenkins
  •  Install and configure Jenkins
  •  Configuring Jenkin Settings and Workspace
  •  What is log4j?
  •  Importing log4j into Eclipse project
  •  Importance of log4j xml file
  •  Understanding the xml file to control logging in Testcase
  •  Test case logging with log4j examples

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