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Instructor led Sessions
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Machine Learning

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along with Certification. Python includes a modular machine learning library known as PyBrain, which provides easy-to-use algorithms for use in machine learning tasks. The best and most reliable coding solutions require a proper structure and tested environment, which is available in the Python frameworks and libraries

Course Syllabus

• What is ML?
• Visualization
• Data, Problems, and tools
• Matlab
• Linear Classification
• Perceptron update rule
• Perceptron convergence
• Generalization
• Maximum margin classification
• Classification errors
• Regularization
• Logistic regression
• Linear regression, estimator bias, and variance, active learning
• Kernel regression
• Support vector machine (SVM) and kernels
• Kernel optimization
• Model selection
• Model selection criteria
• Description length, feature selection
• Combining classifiers, boosting
• Boosting, margin, and complexity
• Margin and generalization, mixture models
• Mixtures and the expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm

• Clustering
• Spectral clustering, Markov models
• Hidden Markov models (HMMs)
• Bayesian networks
• Learning Bayesian networks
• Probabilistic inference
• Guest lecture on collaborative filtering
• Current problems in machine learning, wrap up

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