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Instructor led Sessions
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Javascript Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on JavaScript. JavaScript is a loosely-typed client side scripting language that executes in the user’s web browser. A web page without JavaScript is unimaginable today. There are many open source application development frameworks based on JavaScript.

Course Syllabus

• Understand the JavaScript language & the Document Object Model.
• Alter, show, hide and move objects on a web page.
• Check information inputted into a form.
• Javascript allows programming to be performed without server interaction.
• Javascript can respond to events, such as button clicks.
• Javascript can validate data before sending out a request.
• Javascript can adjust an HTML document for special effects.
• Javascript can create cookies! Cookies can be used to store and retrieve information from the user’s
• computer

An intermediate knowledge on HTML

In this module we will learn about what is the JavaScript and benefits of the language. We can also learn how write the first JavaScript program.
• JavaScript Introduction

• Variable declaration
• Operators
• Control Statements
• Error Handling
• Understanding arrays
• Function Declaration

In this module, we will learn about what are the built-in functions in JavaScript and how to use JavaScript functions. 

  •  Built In Functions 
  • Standard Date and Time Functions

• HTML Document object Model
• Working with HTML form and its elements

• HTML Document object Model
• Working with HTML form and its elements
• Other Document Object Model

In this module, we will learn about how to use cookies. What are the advantages of the cookies and how to create cookies?
• Working with cookies

In this module, we will learn about what is the use of objects and how to call the data. We can also learn about inheriting data.
• Working with Objects
• Call method in JavaScript
• Inheritance in JavaScript using prototype

  • HTML to define the content of web pages
  •  CSS to specify the layout of web pages
  •  JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages

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