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Instructor led Sessions
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Load Runner Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on LoadRunner. In the search for the best LoadRunner Training in Chennai? LoadRunner Training in Chennai at Oranium Tech provides an immersive training of the LoadRunning concepts, environment, applications, and components from the basic to the advanced level under the guidance of real-time professionals from the testing industry.

Course Syllabus

  • What is performance testing?
  • Why performance testing?
  •  Types of Performance testing

• Load Test
• Stress Test
• Spike Test
• Endurance Test
• Volume Test

• Requirement gathering
• Test Plan Design
• Script Design
• Execution and Monitoring
• Result Analysis and Reporting

• LoadRunner architecture
• LoadRunner Components
• Basic C
• LR functions ()

• HTML Based Recording mode
• URL Based Recording mode
• Regenerate Script
• Replay Script with different sittings

• Replay Log
• Recording Log
• Generation Log
• Vugen Runtime settings
• Naming the Transactions

• Definition of parameter
• Why parameterization is required
• Types of parameters
• Using Existing Parameters
• Using Parameter List

• How to Handle Dynamic Values
• How to identify dynamic values
• Manual Correlation
• Auto Correlation

• Text Verification
• Size Verification
• Image Verification

• Manual scenario
• Goal oriented scenario
• Scenario Design
• Schedule by Scenario & Group
• Real world & Basic Schedule
• Running load test in controller
• Vuser Status

• What is load generator
• Why we need load generators

• Adding graphs
• Graphs settings
• Merge graph
• Analysis and creating Reports
• Monitor types
• Starting the monitors in the controller
• Measurements in the controller
• HTML Report Generation

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