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Instructor led Sessions
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Embedded C Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on A+ & N+. An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software designed for a specific function. Embedded systems may also function within a larger system. The systems can be programmable or have a fixed functionality.

Course Syllabus

  •  History & need of Embedded System
  •  Basic components of Embedded System
  •  Programming Language Classification of Embedded System
  • Advantage & Disadvantage
  •  Difference between Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  •  Classification based on architecture
  •  Memory Classification
  •  Description of RAM
  •  Description of CPU Registers
  •  Functions of SFR
  •  Introduction to Embedded C
  •  Difference between C & Embedded C
  •  Programming style
  •  Basic structure of C program
  •  Keywords & Identifiers
  •  Data type & its memory representation
  •  Arrays and strings
  •  Types of Operators
  •  Bitwise Operators explained
  •  Decision making with if statement
  •  If….else statement
  •  Switch statement, and GOTO statement
  •  The While and Do – While statements
  •  For statement
  •  Why Functions
  •  Types of Functions
  •  A Multi functional program
  •  Return values & their types
  •  Kiel Compiler
  •  Proteus
  •  Introduction of LED’s
  •  Interfacing Circuit Description of LED’s
  •  Programming of LED’s Interfacing
  • Introduction to 16 x 2 LCD
  •  Commands of 16 x 2 LCD
  •  Interfacing Circuit Description of 16 x 2 LCD
  •  Programming of 16 x 2 LCD
  •  Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  •  Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  •  Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches
  •  Controlling of LED’s by using Switches
  •  Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program
  •  Introduction to Motors
  •  Types of Motors used in Embedded System
  •  Programming & Controlling of motors in Embedded System
  •  Introduction to Timers & Counters
  •  Difference between Timer and Counter
  •  Description of SFR associated with Timers & Counters
  •  Programming of Timers & Counters
  •  Introduction to Serial Communication
  •  Types of Serial Communication
  •  Description of SFR associated with Serial Communication
  •  Programming of UART
  •  Introduction to ADC
  •  Programming of ADC
  •  Introduction to sensing devices
  •  Interfacing of IR Sensors
  •  Interfacing of Temperature Sensor
  •  I2C Bus Standard
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Zigbee
  •  USB
  •  UART
  •  Linux Fundamentals
  •  Linux Commands
  •  VI Editors
  •  Introduction to Device Driver
  •  The Role of Device Driver
  •  Kernel Module Vs Application
  •  Types of Device Driver
  •  Character Driver
  •  Block Driver & Network Driver

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