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Instructor led Sessions
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VB.net Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on Agile. Visual Basic, originally called Visual Basic. NET (VB.NET), is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, implemented on. NET, Mono, and the. NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language, the last version of which was Visual Basic 6.0.

Course Syllabus

  •  introduction
  • VB.net hello world example
  • Compile & execute VB.net program
  • Identifiers
  • VB.net keywords
  •  Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  •  Common Type System (CTS)
    Modules and Assemblies
  •  Common Language Specification (CLS)
  •  Intermediate Language (IL) and Just-In-Time (JIT) Compilation
  •  Metadata
  •  Memory Management and Garbage Collection
  •  .NET Framework Namespaces
  •  Data types Available in VB.Net
  •  Type Conversion Functions in VB.Net
  •  Declaration in VB.Net
  •  Initialization in VB.Net
  •  Values from
  •  Lvalues and Rvalues
  •  Declaring EnumerationE
  •  If…Then Statement
  •  If…Then…Else Statement
  •  The If…Else If…Else Statement
  •  Nested If Statements
  •  Case Statement
  •  Nested Select Case Statement
  •  LOOPS
  •  Do Loop
  •  For…Next Loop
  •  Each…Next Loop
  •  While… End While Loop
  •  With… End With Statement
  •  Nested Loops
  •  Loop Control Statements
  •  Exit Statement
  •  Continue Statement
  •  GoTo Statement
  •  Creating a String Object
  •  Properties of the String Class
  •  Methods of the String Class
  •  Properties and Methods of the DateTime Structure
  •  Creating a DateTime Object
  •  Getting the Current Date and Time
  •  Formatting Date
  •  Properties and Methods of the DateAndTime Class
  •  Creating Arrays in VB.Net
  •  Dynamic Arrays
  •  Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  •  Jagged Array
  •  The Array Class
  •  Various Collection Classes and Their Usage
  •  ArrayList
  •  Hashtable
  •  SortedList
  •  Stack
  •  Queue
  •  Function Returning a Value
  •  Recursive Function
  •  Param Arrays
  •  Passing Arrays as Function Arguments
  •  Defining Sub Procedures
  •  Passing Parameters by Value
  •  Passing Parameters by ReferenceTIONS
  •  Class Definition
  •  Member Functions and Encapsulation
  •  Constructors and Destructors
  •  Shared Members of a VB.Net Class
  •  Inheritance
  •  Base & Derived Classes
  •  Syntax
  •  Exception Classes in .Net Framework
  •  Handling Exceptions
  •  Creating User-Defined Exceptions
  •  Throwing Objects.

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