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Instructor led Sessions
The most traditional way to learn with increased visibility, monitoring, and control over learners with ease to learn at any time from internet-connected devices.
Real-life Case Studies
Case studies based on top industry frameworks help you to relate your learning with real-time based industry solutions.
Adding the scope of improvement and fostering the analytical abilities and skills through the perfect piece of academic work.
Each certification associated with the program is affiliated with the top universities providing edge to gain epitome in the course.
Instructor led Sessions
With no limits to learning and in-depth vision from all-time available support to resolve all your queries related to the course.

Tally Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on Tally. Are you looking for the best platform to learn about the Tally Software? Join Oranium Tech! Tally Training in Chennai at Oranium Tech provides the best-in-class training of the Tally software and its application under the mentorship of Real-time professionals with certification. Tally Instructors at Oranium Tech train you efficiently to use the software.

Course Syllabus

• The Need for Accounting
• Accounting Principles
• Different Types of Accounting
• Understanding Accounting Rules
• Single Entry and Double Entry Methods of Accounting
• Advantages of Double Entry
• Journalizing Transactions
• Bookkeeping
• Disadvantages of Managing Accounts Manually

• What is Tally?
• Why Tally?
• Introduction to Tally ERP 9
• Tally Versions
• Installation and Activation
• Gateway of Tally and Tally User Interface

• Single Entry Mode VS Double Entry Mode
• Configuring Data path
• Global Configurations
• Currency and Regional configurations

• Creating a Company
• Altering, Deleting Company
• Company level Configurations

• Understanding Ledgers and Groups
• Creating, Altering, Deleting Ledgers and Groups
• Bill wise Ledgers

• Default Vouchers
• Payment Vouchers
• Receipt Vouchers
• Contra Vouchers
• Journal Vouchers
• Sales Vouchers
• Purchase Vouchers
• Creating, Altering, Deleting Vouchers

• Tally Report Model – Drill down reports
• Day Book and Bank Books
• Ledgers
• Debtors and Creditors
• Profit & Loss Account
• Balance Sheet
• Cash Flow and Funds Flow
• Bank Reports

• Understanding Inventory in Tally
• Units of Measure
• Stock Items and Category
• Stock Groups
• Integrating Accounts and Inventory
• Creating and Managing Price Lists with Price Masters
• Stock Transfers
• Stock Reports

• Creating and Managing Price Lists
• Sales Vouchers
• Purchase Vouchers
• Purchase and Sales Orders
• Managing Credit Sales and Credit Purchases
• Managing Bill wise Details
• Order and Re-order processing
• Handling Stock Rejections and Returns
• Debit Notes and Credit Notes
• Managing Ageing Invoices

• What is GST
• Understanding SGST, CGST & IGST
• Activating GST in Tally
• Setting up GST in Company Level, Ledger Level, and Inventory Level
• GST Taxes and Invoices
• Creating, Altering, Deleting GST Masters

• GST Purchase Entry
• GST Sales Entry
• Handling Unregistered Dealers
• Reverse Charging Entry for GST
• Printing GST Invoices

• Purchase and Sales Registers
• Payables and Receivables
• Over dues
• Ageing Invoices
• Stock Registers

• GSTR 1

• GSTR 1 Return Filing

• Understanding Payroll
• Pay Heads and Categories
• Employee Details and Salary Details
• Attendance Entries
• Managing Leave Categories
• Paid Leaves and Unpaid Leaves
• Overtime
• Handling and accounting Loss of Pay
• EPF Accounting
• ESI Accounting
• Professional Tax Accounting
• Managing Income Tax on Salary – Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
• Managing TDS on other Expenses
• Pay Sheets and Pay Slips
• Payroll Reports

• Scenarios and Optional Vouchers
• Budgets and Controls
• Cost Centers and Cost Categories
• Multi-Language, Multi-Currency
• Export, Import, Backup and Restore of Tally data
• Tally Vault
• Tally Audit
• Split and Merge Company Data
• Tally Remote
• Customizing Reports/Invoices with Company Logos and other details

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