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Each certification associated with the program is affiliated with the top universities providing edge to gain epitome in the course.
Instructor led Sessions
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Mongo DB

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on MongoDB. Oranium Tech is one of its kind Institute which not only equips you with technical skills but will train you for free in Aptitude skills, Soft Skills, Mock Interviews, Interview Skills, Work ethics, and Corporate Values that you need to know to get into the IT Industry. Our training is given by expert real-time development experienced trainers and we enable each and every student of ours to do their own real-time projects by the end of the program. We do not buy you a job by bribing companies to secure a place in IT, instead, we equip you with the skills needed to get employed in IT and will support you with an unlimited number of relevant interview opportunities so that your career in IT becomes assured. Our support will be there until you get placed in an IT Company as that’s our mission too.

Course Syllabus

• Why NoSQL
• Difference Between RDBMS and NoSQL Databases
• Benefits of NoSQL
• Benefits of NoSQL
• Types of NoSQL
• Key-Value Database
• Key-Value Database
• Graph Database
• CAP Theorem
• Consistency
• Availability
• Partition Tolerance

• Data Modification in Mongo
• Batch Insert in Mongo
• Ordered Bulk Insert
• Performing Ordered Bulk Insert
• Performing Ordered Bulk Insert
• Unordered Bulk Insert
• Performing Un-ordered Bulk Insert
• Performing an Insert Operation
• Retrieving the documents
• Specify Equality Condition
• Retrieving Documents by Find Query
• Specify AND or OR Conditions01:05
• Retrieving Documents by Using FindOne, AND or OR
• Array Exact Match
• Array Projection Operators
• Retrieving Documents for Array Fields
• Dollar Where Query
• Cursor
• Retrieving Documents Using Cursor
• Pagination
• Advance query option
• Update Operation
• Updating Documents in Mongo
• Updating Embedded Documents in Mongo
• Updating Multiple Documents in MongoDB
• Dollar inc modifier to increment and decrement
• Dollar inc modifier to increment and decrement
• Replacing Existing Document with New Document
• Positional Array Modification
• Adding Elements into Array Fields

• Introduction to Indexing
• Types of Index
• Properties of Index
• Single Field Index
• Compound Indexes
• Index Prefixes
• Sort Order
• Ensure Indexes Fit RAM
• Multi-Key Indexes
• Compound Multi-Key Indexes
• Hashed Indexes
• TTL Indexes
• Unique Indexes
• Sparse Indexes
• Demo-Create Compound, Sparse, and Unique Indexes
• Text Indexes
• Demo-Create Single Field and Text Index

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