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Instructor led Sessions
The most traditional way to learn with increased visibility, monitoring, and control over learners with ease to learn at any time from internet-connected devices.
Real-life Case Studies
Case studies based on top industry frameworks help you to relate your learning with real-time based industry solutions.
Adding the scope of improvement and fostering the analytical abilities and skills through the perfect piece of academic work.
Each certification associated with the program is affiliated with the top universities providing edge to gain epitome in the course.
Instructor led Sessions
With no limits to learning and in-depth vision from all-time available support to resolve all your queries related to the course.

Git Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on Jenkins. Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration/continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD) automation software DevOps tool written in the Java programming language. It is used to implement CI/CD workflows, called pipelines.

Course Syllabus

  •  What is a Version Control System (VCS)?
  •  Distributed vs Non-distributed VCS
  •  What is Git and where did it come from?
  •  Alternatives to Git
  •  Cloud-based solutions (Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, etc)
  • Obtaining Git
  •  Installing Git
  •  Common configuration options
  •  GUI tools
  • Clone
  •  Working Tree
  •  Checkout
  •  Staging area
  •  Add
  •  Commit
  •  Push
  •  Pull
  •  Stash
  • Creating a repository (git init)
  •  Checking status (git status)
  •  Adding files to a repository (git add)
  •  Committing files (git commit)
  •  Removing staged files (git reset)
  • Removing committed files (git rm)
  •  Checking logs (git log)
  • Creating a remote repository (git init)
  •  Cloning repositories (git clone)
  •  Updating the remote repository from the local (git push)
  •  Updating the local repository from the remote (git pull)
  • What are Git Tags?
  •  Listing tags
  •  Lightweight tags
  •  Displaying tag details (tag show)
  •  Annotated tags
  •  Checking out tags
  •  Pushing tags
  •  Pulling tags
  • What is a branch
  •  A note about andlt; HEADandgt;
  •  Listing branches
  •  Create new branch
  •  Checkout branch
  •  Pushing branches
  •  Pulling branches
  • Fetching Changes (git fetch)
  •  Rebasing (git rebase)
  •  Git Pull
  • What is Stashing?
  •  Using Stash
  •  Creating a branch from a Stash
  • Removing untracked files (git clean)
  •  Remove staged changes (git reset)
  •  Revert a commit (git revert)
  •  Checkout a previous commit (git checkout)
  •  Deleting a Branch
  •  Fast forward merge
  •  Three way merge
  •  Resolving merge conflicts
  •  Cherry-Picking (git cherry-pick)
  • Aliases
  •  Submodules
  •  Patches
  •  Hooks

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