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Instructor led Sessions
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Unix Shell script Training

Oranium Tech introducing some amazing content on Unix shell script. BISP provide the best online training classes, our curriculum was designed by industry experts which helps candidate to learn UNIX architecture, basics to advanced concepts, shell scripting, UNIX commands, and Server. We work on real scenario based real time industry challenges and industry projects or assignments for our professional candidates. We share two real-time projects with our candidates which are in line with Unix Shell Scripting certification exam that helps the candidate to build experience and confidence from beginner to advance on concepts.

Course Syllabus

• Unix Developers
• Unix Administrators
• Testing Professionals
• Mainframe Professionals
• Data Analysts
• Software Engineers

• Unix Shell Scripting Basics

• The Bourne Shell (sh)
• The C Shell (csh)
• The Bourne Again Shell (bash)

• Working with Unix Vi Editor
• Modes of Unix Vi Editor

• Command mode
• Insert mode
• Ex command mode
• Vi editor saving and quitting commands

• Features of Shell Scripting- Unix Variables
• Defining a Variable
• Accessing a Variable
• Types of Variables

• Environment variables
• Predefined variables
• User-defined variables
• Other Shells

• Unix Shell Script Arithmetic And Boolean Operators
• Operators in Unix

• Shell Arithmetic Operators
• Explaining with examples
• Shell Logical Boolean Operators
• Explaining with examples

• Unix Conditional Statements
• If Then Else And Relational Operators
• Unix Conditional Statements The if-elif-fi

• The if statements
• The if…else statements
• The if…elif…else…fi statement
• Check if an input number is positive
• Check if an input number is positive or not
• Check if an input number is positive, zero or negative

• Overview of Unix Switch Case Statements
• Unix Shell The case-esac Statement
• Shell Switch Case Syntax and Examples

• Overview of Unix Shell Loops
• Unix Shell Loop Types, Unix For loop statement
• Unix While loop statement
• Unix Until loop statement
• Program illustrations for BREAK operation 

• Do While Loop
• For Loop
• Until Loop

• Overview of Unix Shell Functions
• Working with Functions in Unix

• How to create functions?
• Passing parameters to a function
• Returning a value from a function
• Syntax for defining functions

• Examples of Syntax for defining functions
• Functions can return values

• Change the state of a variable or variables
• Use the return command to end the function and return the supplied value to the callingsection of
the shell script.
• Capture the output echoed to the stdout

• Overview of Unix Filters Text Processing Utilities
• Commands

• Unix Filters
• Unix Pipes
• More Filter Commands like awk and sed
Text Processing in Unix
• Unix Filter Commands

• Overview of Pipes
• Pipes in Unix

• grep
• sort
• uniq
• cat
• more
• cut
• paste
• head
• tail
• wc
• tr

• Overview
• More Unix Filter Commands
• Commands

• tr
• tee
Unix sed and awk Text Processing Utilities
• Commands
• awk
• sed

• Overview of Unix Command Line Arguments
• Commands

• set
• shift

• Overview
• Advanced Shell Scripting in Unix

Advanced Shell Scripting in Unix
• Arrays
• File Test Operators
• String Test Operators
• Special Variables

• We are using an experiential delivering methodology that blends theoretical concepts with hands on practical learning to ensure a holistic understanding of the subject or

• Live Interactive classes with expert

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